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all good things must come to an end.


Take two! Its been hard enough for me to sit down and write this, not because its a tough subject to write about, but there are a lot of distractions at Dreamland Farm! Then after I was 1/4 of the way finished, with hyperlinks and all, the website tweaked out and I lost it all! Well, as I stated before in my first attempt....everything happens for a reason and I am learning to trust that more and more.  I have learned with writing for me, in the funny unique way I am known for, it must just flow right out of me and onto the screen.  Thinking and contemplating and re-reading are not a part of my style! Apparently I was supposed to start over, the other was little more serious!  So, as many of you know this has been a difficult week for me. After returning from an amazing weekend in Georgia with my former coach and mentor at a program called The Cabin Experience.  I had done my first cabin in 2008 and back in April I just followed my intuition and wanted to go again.  Larry is getting older, yes larry if you are reading this, and I always have quantum leap life experiences after spending time learning from him and growing stronger as a person in my mind.  

However, after I was able to turn my phone back on and call home, my mom sounded sad and upset and I knew something was wrong.  I didn't think what she told me was true and was in a bit of shock at the thought of Simon just "vanishing without a trace" but things do happen.  With the advice of my best friends, they said to drive up there just to know for myself so I threw my bags back in the car and drove home.  It was a peaceful drive with only one or two emotional breakdowns at the thought of Simon being gone.  I know life is precious and short with animals and that you don't always get to decide when and how their ending is.  Simon was nearing the end of his life, his little leggies didn't work like the used to so running away wasn't really and option for him! It may always remain a mystery, if he's still alive somewhere, I visualize him on someones couch eating steak with a  smile on his face and surrounded by love.  If he's truly gone, I hope his ending was peaceful...this is all I can ask for.  I had a beautiful drive back home.  As I drew on my picture from the cabin experience, the sliver of a moon surrounded by stars shined on the pond next to the mountain and the sun rising along my whole drive back home, without him for the first time.

You see...all things in your life happen at the right time and for the right reason. We hear this, but don't always trust it! Spending the weekend strengthening my mind and focus on my future allowed me to handle this week more gracefully...until I contacted two animal communicators....but that's another story! Nothing became of all the efforts we tried and last Wednesday we toasted to Simon.  The crazy thing is that morning while cleaning the clutter that was in our cabinets at the office, I found the story one of my patients wrote as a kid about Simon the Super Puppy! You can call it a coincidence, I call it divine intervention! The week also brought me to the vet clinic I work at and a little corgi puppy came in that I just had to hug and snuggle at that moment.  We ask the puppies name and they say Simon! I almost started to cry but held it together as I proceeded to adjust my other princess Ginata, who had to be second for once :) 

  The week has been full of great stories and pictures of one of the best dogs I've ever had. I love all my animals, but Simon was a special one.  He touched the lives of thousands of people over the 10 years he was "PWC MASCOT"! The beautiful comments and texts I got this week bring a smile to my face knowing that he was loved by so many :) 

Now it is time to look ahead and live a life of significance...as Larry would say.  I had great new visions and a renewed focus and drive after the cabin and know that anything is possible for the future while still enjoying the present.  I am continuing to dream about whats possible and i've learned so much this year about patience....mostly taught to me by my incredible imported horses Dillon, Elliot and Serena. Life is one big learning lesson and i'm pretty lucky to learn most of mine from my animals! 

   Since I've gotten distracted about 100x since I started writing this blog yesterday and lost it once in cyberspace, i'm going to wrap it up! I'm sure I will revisit this week again in a future blog but for now, enjoy the words and memories of a wonderful doggie.  Simon, we all love you :) 

Dr. Leah

my boys...Bubba and Simon :) 


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