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Seriously, Chiropractic for Animals???

Chiropractic is NOT just for humans! Animals of all kind have been benefiting from chiropractic adjustments for over 100 years! So how come you have never heard this before? Why has my veterinarian never told me about this? I will tell you everything you need to know today and how you can find a qualified doctor anywhere around the country! But first....I want to tell you my story and how I became a part of this specialized group of individuals! Many of you ask me how I became a chiropractor in the first place and it all started with wanting to be an "equine chiropractor" when I was  in my early teens...around 13! I didn't come from a family of chiropractors, my parents weren't even holistically minded, but they were smart and knew which direction to point their horse/animal crazy child into! I will always credit them for getting me started down the right path and continuing to keep me there! My dad at the time was an investigator for the state of Pennsylvania, and was aware of all the different professions in health care.  I was either going to be a chiropractor or a physical therapist.  I didn't really have an opinion as to which one, I was a kid! I liked the word chiropractor though! I was told I could be my own boss and make enough money to support my animal addiction! Sign me up!!!!! I was on the very straight and arrow, get done as fast as possible, school 24-7 until at the age of 23 I graduated as one of the youngest in my class at Life University in Marietta, GA! My degree only trained me to adjust humans, and barely! I then flew to Dallas, TX monthly to get my certification in chiropractic for animals by the American Veterinarian Chiropractic Association (AVCA). They are the only nationally recognized organization certifying chiropractors and veterinarians! 


It wasn't until I had my first patient, a dog named Caine, that my whole life changed! One day I will reshape his story but for now I will just say he was a very special dog with an amazing family! He was paralyzed and scheduled to be put down.  At 9 years old and well over 100lbs, he was scheduled to be put to sleep.  Thankfully fate brought us together and chiropractic helped save his life! Its cases like that and hundreds more over my career that have benefited from chiropractic! 

So....what is chiropractic for animals? Its not much different than chiropractic for people and for that reason, many owners who have gotten to a dead end with medicine with their animals, think outside the box and try chiropractic! The concept is simple.....you, your dog, your goat, horse, giraffe....(i've never adjusted a giraffe but want to!!!) have a spinal column that not only keeps you upright, or horizontal for that matter, it also more importantly protects your most vital organ! Your NERVOUS SYSTEM!  Our brains and spinal cord are the only organ in the body fully encased in bone! It was designed that way for a reason! Did you ever look at a vertebra bone? I may be a bit of a nerd, but its so much cooler than a ulna or tibia! 

The spinal bones can "subluxate" due to physical, chemical and emotional stress and cause symptoms to arise! But the worst part, is they can also cause NO SYMPTOMS, and that is the scary part! So yes, your dog with separation anxiety when you leave, jumping up and down off your bed and even eating crummy food is all STRESS than can affect their spine and nervous system! 

The only people on this planet trained to locate and correct spinal subluxations are CHIROPRACTORS, or Veterinarians certified to do so! The spine is different, the angles and correction are different.  Animals get diseases people don't get, animals BITE, well some of my human patients bite and kick me too....JK! The point is, you can't just send your animal to anyone! There are a lot of great chiropractors and veterinarians out there but you won't find myself or my four legged family in their office! To find someone qualified click here! 

So, how do I know if my animal needs a chiropractor! FIRST, rule out a medical problem with your veterinarian! then the signs are simple....

1.  Change in behavior. 

2.  Limping, not willing to jump, do steps where before they did!

3.  Paralysis

4.  Not responding to traditional veterinarian care

5.  You are awesome owner and want optimal health and wellness for your pet! Maybe not yourself, but your animal! 

What's next! So now you know your animal needs a chiropractor! If you are in my area, I see patients at a veterinarian office, The Pennridge Animal Hospital.  Laws regulate chiropractors from seeing animals without supervision, I know it sounds crazy...I don't make up the rules, just have to follow them! Visits range from $125 for an initial visit to $75 for follow up visits! I utilize cold laser therapy in all my visits! This modality speeds up healing and is fantastic for acute injuries or chronic "old dog" problems! 

    It still amazes me at how quickly animals respond to care and how infrequent they need adjustments compared to humans! Oh yes....an adjustment! Forgot to explain that one! After we locate the "subluxation or misalignment" chiropractors ADJUST. We DO NOT manipulate. I actually really dislike that word as it has nothing to do with the art of chiropractic! The adjustment is a precise high speed low force, impulse into the spine whereby restoring proper motion and function.  This allows, THE BODY to heal itself.  I know you all call me the Miracle Worker, but its really you and your animals doing the healing! Sorry to disappoint you, please still think i'm awesome...its good for my self esteem! JK! 

Most animals typically respond in 1-3 visits for general problems, paralysis is a whole other beast but if surgery is NOT an option then chiropractic and medication is a great last option! Add a little acupuncture and the success and outcome will increase! 

In future posts I will share more pics and videos of animals getting adjusted! I know you are curious about that! And NO we don't use mallets and jump from the rooftops to adjust animals! That's only my human patients :) 

Have a great day! Going to ride my horse before the 110 degree heat today! 

Dr. Leah


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