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Almost August!!!!!


Good Morning PWC and FB! We have had a busy and HOT week this week and I haven't set aside the time to write until now! My horses are waiting for me to feed them, but before I get busy with my time with them...which will last the rest of the weekend...I wanted to check in! Our detox is going well! Again, there are 6 of us product testing the TRUE CELLULAR DETOX program designed by Dr. Pompa.  We have all had mixed results so far but that is to be expected! The beauty about this program and what my theme for 2016 has been is patience! All great things come in time and quick fixes fail.  I've seen it in everything I do and finally since i'm aging, yes aging...I'm getting so much wiser! Who knew my parents were right about that! I've witnessed so many people on new diet fads, weight watchers, Medifast and countless others.  My goal with people and myself is to keep it simple.  Life is too complicated to do otherwise.  Its no wonder why people on WW gain it all back because if you are counting points, you are not truly learning about food and how it affects your body. Or Medifast "fake and powdered" food.  Yes, you will lose weight, but I guarantee you, you will gain it back and never learn how to maintain proper health! 

My job is to educate and empower not only myself but my patients! As you all know, I won't sell you anything I don't believe in 100%. So far i'm loving this detox because the diet, its not really a diet, is simple! I've been exploring the Ketogenic Diet because it makes scientific sense to me and turns you into a FAT burner! Who wouldn't want that???? We will be exploring more about that and recipes, etc at our Workshop on August 17th at 7pm.  YES, i'm getting back into workshop mode because we all need education! So bring a friend :) 

I also recently met with the reps for SpectraCell and Boston Heart about getting advanced blood testing for our patients to check for micronutrient deficiencies and more advanced cholesterol checks for our patients! You will be VERY impressed with these reports! I'm having mine done next week. Fingers crossed i'm good!!!! Remember, we can't base our health on how we look or feel, its all about FUNCTION! 

Ok! Thats it for now! Horses, goats, dogs and cats are calling my name so until next week, have a great one!!!!  Next blog will be about chiropractic for animals so stay tuned!

Dr. Leah 

PS, I didn't take too many crazy pictures this week but I will include some from my photo shoot with Tammy Snyder that she did at my Dreamland Farm.  Enjoy! 

my doggie family..Simon, Bubba, Willow, and Maddie


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