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Week 1 is DONE!

  YEAH!!!!! We made it through our first week! We also now have 6 brave souls who are doing the True Cellular Detox! The week was fantastic! I have much more energy than I had before and my sleep is fantastic.  I'm a work out and horse riding machine as well!!! That's I guess what happens when you need to replace drinking wine on the deck listening to music..... I cleaned my car, went to the grocery store....BIG Friday night plans! Its all for the benefit of my health.  Its amazing how productive you are when you focus on yourself and being healthy.  I know its so hard to do.  I would consider myself a very active person, always on the go, busy at work all day long, ride horses, mountain bike, kayak....but......I LOVE to nap and be lazy just as much as anyone else! What i've noticed is when you eliminate sugar and really reduce carbs, increase exercise and replace alcohol with lots of water, you feel AMAZING! Who knew???? 

Its not easy though! The cravings have eliminated, the desire has not! Just look left and see what we are tempted with at the PWC! Carly and I said NO thought! So proud of us! I was further reminded today when I had a tray full of cinnamon buns put in front of me. We are bombarded on a daily basis with food choices and unless you have your armor on against it, sadly the food often wins! The stronger you get and the better you begin to feel, you will win! Those foods actually start to taste toxic and you do feel like crap afterwards. Its not worth it.  I'm 38 years old and i've always said to my patients, if you don't focus on your health in your 30's your 40's and 50's are not going to be pretty! Now is when you can make significant changes! I am experimenting with the Ketogenic Diet for several reasons.  

1.  I like experiments!

2.  I want to be a FAT burner instead of a CARB burner!

3.  I want to see how I can get my body to change through increased exercise and strict diet.  

I've always eaten fairly well and stayed active, but I've never been super proud of my body.  I know I'm capable of so much more and although to most people and even myself, i'm ok...but I want to be "wowed" by my efforts, not just satisfied! 

I'm also experimenting with MCT OIL.  Something i've been reading a ton about that has numerous health benefits.  I was first introduced to this because of Bulletproof Coffee.  I know the idea of oil and grass fed butter in coffee to most sounds strange, but again, I like to experiment! I loved the taste, I never did consistently, but I loved the concept and science behind why it works! On the diet i'm doing, i'm supposed to get most of my calories from Fat.  Almost 80% of my diet! I know...sounds CRAZY!!!!! But, from everything i'm researching, it makes sense! My carbohydrate intake i'm striving for is below 50grams a day and protein is about 60g a day.  Give or take! I'm being super specific because without a goal and a guide, we get lost easily! We also bought tests to see how many ketones we have and will use those until we are "kept-adapted".  Again, this way of eating isn't for everyone.  I tell all my patients, do the research and see what works for you! I just know personally and from my observation, what most of us are doing isn't working and you know the definition of Insanity right???? Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result! I would like to see my abs one day and have moderately chiseled arms which i've NEVER had before! 

So, on that note! I will leave you for today! I did just schedule a workshop about the Detox we are on for those who want more information on that and the eating program for Wednesday, August 17th at 7 pm.  I am also meeting with a representative from Boston Heart about getting more advanced blood testing in our office.  As most of you know, I always strive to be ahead of the norm and at the PWC, you will never be behind the times!

Have a happy and healthy day! Dr. Leah


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