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End of Week!!!!!!!!

Good Morning! Its been a crazy week and i've been too tired at night to write!!!!  Yes, I am human and do get tired! My energy this week is great, however I've had a hard time falling asleep! I guess i've got much more energy than I normally do so thats a good thing! This week we are concentrating on taking our supplements for the "PREP" phase of the detox and i'm working on shifting my diet to a more KETOGENIC DIET. I'm also working towards intermittent fasting, however, I will be doing the BULLETPROOF version of that because my body and brain need extra fuel to adjust and take care of all of you! 

Here was my dinner last night after my first Spartan Training workout! The goal with any diet, in my opinion is LOTS of green leafy veggies, lean protein, and low carbs! If you can strive for that, you are going in the right direction! Diet is one of the most difficult things to change.  In today's society, we are so stressed and busy to take the time to prep and cook food properly and our health ultimately suffers.  I put a very high value as a health care provider on what myself and my patients eat and I too have a very busy life! Its for this reason i've actually hired a personal cook to ensure i'm eating healthy.  You may think this is impossible, however you can do it too at whatever capacity you can.  I eat out maybe 1-2x a month if that and therefore am not spending money on expensive dinners that are typically unhealthy.  This also guarantees I have control of what I am eating especially when trying a new program out.  If you want more information, I would be happy to provide! 


  Lunch: Chicken over Zuccini noodles with walnuts and apples

  This week also was the start of my Spartan Training at Urban Fit in Hatfield! My very good chiropractic friend challenged me to push my limits and sign up for the race with her and a team of people! The race is in September and we are called CHIROSPARTANS! I was surprised at how fun our first training was! We had a personal session after hours and learned how to climb walls, ropes, monkey bars, balance and throw a spear! This was SO much more fun than a regular gym!!!!!!!!! I think everyone needs to push their limits in whatever capacity it is for them. For those of you who know me well....I dislike conventional exercise...A LOT! I am a horse rider, mountain biking, kayak  and napping kind of girl! However, that is NOT going to get me the results I want from this Detox nor will it change my before and after pictures the way I want them to! My goal is to always be in the best shape of my life! So wish me luck! 

Well, that is it for now! More this weekend! I have some amazing pictures to post from my photo session with Tammy Snyder! She did a FANTASTIC job taking promotional pictures for both the PWC and Animal Chiropractic.  An avid photographer myself, I've had a very difficult time finding someone who "gets" it and she nailed it! So stay tuned! 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Dr. Leah


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