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Day 1 and 2


We made it! Day 2 is almost over and all is going great! There are so many reasons why I already like this program.  #1, I've learned over the years that quick fixes only get you so far and to make long term change, slower and consistency will get you there! I chose to test this detox specifically for that reason.  I didn't want another detox, I love the Standard Process 21 day cleanse, but I wanted something that could help change lives of some of my toughest cases! When I heard the difference between a "cell detox" vs a Liver or Colon Cleanse, I knew it was the right choice for my office.  I also liked that they have a fantastic online program to educate myself and my patients.  I've already learned so much in a simple, user friendly program! 

My energy is good, I was tired last night after a long day but all good! Today after a great meeting with my Chiro-Chix, I ate a veggie omelet and bacon...no, don't totally deprive yourself! Life without Bacon is no life at all!!!!  Carly and I were scheduled to get the mercury taken out of our mouth! We wanted to remove the potential interferences and toxins that can cause our cells to get inflamed.  Some people agree with it, some don't....you choose whats best for you! 

I love Joesph Marcela for info....



Our mouths are still a little sore but we will survive! I'm lucky I know such great dentists :) 

For dinner tonight I had meatballs over parsnip noodles with greens and fermented veggies.....So the "noodles" were AMAZING and I highly suggest you try them for a veggie noodle option. Loved them! The fermented veggies, YUCK! Going to have to try some other options in that category! 

I will write more about the "diet" tomorrow! I will also upload the recommended "food pyramid" for you as well! So far, so good! And we had a great video testimonial from our other guinea pig, Claudine! Check out our PWC Facebook page or my personal page for regular updates! 

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