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DETOX Time!!!!!!

Welcome to Pre-Day 1 of the 90 Day True Cellular Detox! Some ask why in the world would I want to start a detox in the summer? Well, the answer is the best time to start anything to better yourself is NOW!  As many of you know I've had a great last couple weeks as this is always my favorite time of year! Just after my birthday 2 weeks of fun, i'm ready to focus on my health and the second half of the year goals! I first learned about True Cellular Detox at Cal Jam in California earlier this year.  I wasn't quite sure about this whole process but I was ensured that if I gave it a try it would help transform my life! Dr. Pompa, the developer of TCD, has been doing this program for years, not only for his patients but for he and his families health crisis as well.  It was just being released to the public this spring and me being one who likes to try new things wanted to give it a shot! So I enlisted a few guinea pigs to do it with me and.....here we are! Almost Day 1! I will take you along my journey and that of my fellow people and anyone who wants to join in just let me know!

True Cellular Detox Supplements- 90 Day supply


So how do you know you are toxic???? We test a few different ways.  The first is the  Neurotoxin Questionnaire and the Mety Oxy Test. 

I failed miserably on this test!!!!!! I am on the right and Carly the left! We did find out the best time to take this test is in the morning first thing.  Myself and my "camel" like way of drinking water, didn't do too well on this one! My NTQ was just over 30 so that wasn't too bad! 50 is toxic and anything over 80 is severe! We had several patients with over 100 and they need this the most! 

We will be retesting every 30 days! Look forward to some positive results :) Ok, off to ride more horses, will check in tomorrow! 

Dr. Leah


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